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OTT means “Over The Top” and it is a service to stream content over the internet. The service is delivered “over the top” of another platform, hence it is called OTT(over the top).
Earlier, consumers would subscribe with their cable TV Operator and the provider would be responsible for providing the programs that they had subscribed to or paid for. Today, users can sign up for services like Netflix or Amazon, or any other OTT provider and access their offerings over the internet. After the Internet boom in India and the introduction of OTT/IPTV platforms, the cable operator is not in a position to control what you consume. This separation has big implications for advertising.
Is OTT a game-changer?
OTT is a relatively new thing, it has a huge amount of growth potential. many companies are emerging in the OTT space, bringing in a vast variety of options for consumers, and thus increasing advertising revenue for marketers. Since more people are moving towards online media consumption, OTT services are the only best way to reach consumers. It is an advantage for marketers to get into this space.