ICON OTT Transcoder

OTT Media Transcoders

To achieve the best and positive viewer experience Video transcoding is very important, Icon networks provides Media transcorders which provide transcoding of multiple file formats for compactibility  with every platform and players.

The process of converting content data into a different format is called Transcoding.  Indias internet explosion has made videos the most  sought out in every region and community , local media has become the most sought out  since 2018, the increase in internet connectivity in India is because more people are inclined to video consumption and this has been possible because people are offering multiple forms and formats of video which work on all platforms. Icon Networks Transcoding services provides smooth bitrate adaptive delivery.

The success of any OTT video strategy depends heavily on using bitrate adaptive delivery. Once you have different file formats that run at different bitrates, your system must be able to apply them to the right viewers automatically. We describe this kind of software as bitrate sensitive.

Not every viewer can access the highest quality HD videos with their internet connections. Their connections may also fluctuate. One day a user may be able to stream 1080p content, but if their internet connection weakens the next day, they will have to resort to a lower resolution. Not having the ability to use a lower resolution as needed results in slow or constantly buffering videos.